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5G broadband plan

Terms and condition


1. Service plan is signed by ANTwave Technology Limited and all terms should follow ANTwave Technology Limited condition.

2. Unlimited 5G Broadband Data of 5G Broadband Monthly Plan is only applicable to designated devices. 5G network experience may be affected due to the 5G coverage and other factors including but not limited to network setting/specification or coverage, the features or functionality of individual mobile device and router, transmission technology, network traffic and usage, speed of websites servers, service stability of other content providers, weather and other circumstantial factors (e.g. blockades such as buildings, mountains, tunnels) which may lead to radio interference. ANTwave Technology Limited reserves the rights to terminate the service if this monthly plan service is not used at the designated registration residential address (if applicable) or/and with the designated device.

3. ANTwave Technology Limited reserves all the right to terminate the service contract for any improper use of service, no payment received and any damage the interests of the company.

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