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Our commitment

We are going to build up our sustainability work in a new and innovative ways. We are continuing to communicate with our stakeholders to make a balance between environment and business with circularity model.

We provide & we commit

Our work



- Innovation of green & sustainable solutions



- Circular model for our products, supply chain & customer 


Fair & equal

- Have a positive impact on people across our value chain 

- Fair trade & improve transparency 

More disclosure

  • We are offering ANTwave product recycling scheme. Our taken back product will be partly modified and reused in different new products series. 

  • We joined HKQAA ESG connect program & we are a marked ESG solution provider.

  • We joined HKPC as ESG One Green member.


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UN SDGs Compliance

Progress made towards SDG target

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 12.23.25.png
  • Started from 2023, we provided our innovation of green & sustainable IoT and mobile network in-building solution for retrofitted area. They included warehouse, data center, construction site, meter room, carpark, cafe, etc.

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  • 1/3 female staffs & all of them are promoted to senior level.

  • Both male & female staffs enjoyed similar benefits in each level. 

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  • Started in 2024, circular model begins.

  • Product recycle scheme for our product series.

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  • Started in 2024, we will keep track & disclose our GHG emission in our report.

  • We promoted sharing, recycling and reuse of tools, water, packing & stationery,  etc in our daily operation.

Double Materiality

  • Financially material topics: which create or erode enterprise value.

  • Impact material topics: which reflect significant positive or negative impacts on people, the economy, and the environment.

  • What we preliminary defined:



Product security

Human capital


Employment engagement, diversity & inclusion

Business model


Product design & lifecycle management


Supply chain management


Material sourcing

Stakeholder engagement

  • We directly communicate with our investors, suppliers, customers industry peers, NGOs and staffs to continuously improve our strategies, progress to achieve our 3 wins goal (ANTwave - Stakeholders - Environment).

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