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Sustainable solution to enhance indoor mobile network, to minimise power consumption of IoT devices to help you to save cost and create new business opportunities.

IoT applications

Why I can't use 5G in my home?

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Our compact size and long lasting IoT devices are suitable for monitoring environmental condition to zone control HVAC system for electricity power & cost saving. Value added location tracking function helps for stock tracing with data recording to increase logistic traceability.

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Data Center for temperature & humidity sensing and server tracking


Chiller for water flow and temperature monitoring

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Manhole/Confined space sensors

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Dashboard, Alert & control platform

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GHG & ESG reporting

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Passive repeater for signal weak area

If you experienced that there is no or weak mobile signal in control room, meter room, etc., please consider to use our passive repeater solution. The advantage is that there is no electricity needed and you can enable mobile signal for emergency call and enable IoT application. Application: confined area, carpark, genset, cafe, etc. 

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Mobile AP in carpark


Louvre antenna in carpark

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