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Latest Technology

Transparent "Invisible" Antenna

You can hardly imagine that we can utilize the glass cover to become an "ANTENNA". We show you this possibility.


High value of antenna design

We target to provide antenna solution to World brand name wireless products. Our antenna solution customized to suit for product with: 
1) Compacted structure. 2) Closely attached to our body. 3) Metal enclosed enironment                       

Invisible Antenna

No room to place antennas?

Our design idea is to make use of product surface e.g. glass display cover, plastic case as antenna (i.e. no physical antenna) with high performance, low cost & save product space.

Core Value

Technology breakthrough 

We have Worldwide inventon patents for core technoogies, self developed A.I. platform for antenna design & advanced antenna measurement platforms.


Best recognition

1) HK ICT Awards (Lifestyle) 2018 - Bronze Award. 2) HK ICT Awards (Startup) 2018 - Merit Award. 3) Geneva Invention 2018 - Gold Metal.         


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Our Technology

Transparent Antenna

We utilize glass, sapphire as antenna

100% transparent |  Multiple frequencies | Zero cost | High antenna gain                               

Plastic Antenna

We utilize plastic material as antenna

High gain & efficiency | Beamforming | Wide bandwidth | Small size | Low cost  

5G antenna prototype available ! 


Antenna for earbud

We have antenna design for ultra-small sized wireless earbud & neckband to improve the human body RF signal blocking effect.

A.I. Platform

A.I. Antenna Deisgn

We developed a software platform to design "Low cost, High Performance Antenna" with unknown antenna structure. Just One Click & it gives you the best solution.

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