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MPSF Film For 5G

Our transparent film is attached on glass window to solve 5G mmWave signal reflection by glass issue. by using our A.I. technology, the structure on film can be modified to focus beams in different locations in order to improve 5G signal in different areas. So, please contact us for more information.

A.I. Platform

Antenna design always time consuming. So, our on-going development of A.I. platform help us to design antenna in an effective way and is suitable for Milli-meter wave applications with customised specification. We equipped with a GPU server to facilitate our development. Our A.I. target application includes 5G antenna and meta surface structure.

Transparent Antenna

Our transparent antenna technology enables a transparent material such as glass, sapphire as an antenna. So, it is a real and 100% transparent antenna technology that without any antenna pattern structure printed on the material surface. The technology can be applied to IoT, GPS, 5G and other Millimeter-meter wave applications. 

Plastic Antenna

By designing different pattern structures with a plastic substrate e.g. PC, PVC, etc., we can enable that plastic as an antenna. So, a product surface material can be a part of antenna such as a car, a LED lamp cover. The technology target application is in 5G and other Millimeter wave applications.

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