Tender Notices

Tender reference: Ten/ANT/01  


Post date: 3 March 2021 

Subject: RF antenna near field to far field chamber with absorber (Compact Chamber)

- Specification:  

  1. able to execute huge dielectric material measurement under Planar Near field measurement.

  2. equipped with a set of ultra-low reflective NFPs.

  3. Measurable Frequency range: 10GHz – 50GHz

  4. Vertical planar scanning system with travelling range of 0.9m x 0.9m x 0.9m. Z distance can be further extended to 1.5m with linear motional accuracy :+/-0.05mm

  5. Equipped with total 6 axes of movement on probe and AUT units.

  6. motional sensor for anti-collision protection

  7. Data analysis and acquisition software package for NF to FF measurement.

   8. Open-source (UI and essential functions) software to fulfill user measurement requirement.

- Closing date/time: 3 April 2021 (Date) 12:00 noon (Hong Kong Time)

- Collection of tender documents: Please provide the following information and email to enquiry@antwave-tech.com.

    1. Company name

    2. Contact person

    3. Telephone number

    4. E-mail address

    5. Product specification

    6. Price and payment term

    7. Other information

- Contact person: Jacky Leung (jackyleung@antwave-tech.com)

- Remarks: Open tendering is adopted. All interested parties are invited to tender.