New Age of Antenna Design By Merging A.I. And Material


We (since Sep, 2016) target to create a new antenna era to utilise A.I. technology & to enable product surface material for antenna design in multi-bands IoT, 5G & other Millimeter wave applications.

MPFS Film for 5G

Our patented transparent meta-surface film technology enables 5G Millimeter wave communication signal to pass through building glass window with beam focusing ability in order to improve 5G signal in indoor environment.


Design & consultation

Customised design based on your requirement.

Licensing & investment

License our patented core technologies with negotiable terms.

Product sales

Sales of our designed antenna.

Invisible Antenna Technologies

We embedded antenna in product surface material and so there is no physical antenna.

Our patented technology enables a pure glass to be a true transparent antenna for IoT, GPS and 5G applications.

Our patented plastic antenna technology enables product surface material as an antenna. The targeted application is in 5G and Millimeter wave. 

A transparent plastic antenna design for Millimeter wave applications to modify the beam width and angle of source.

light pipe antenna.png

It enables light source to emit light through the Millimeter wave transparent antenna. Now it is applied to 24GHz radar in LED lighting device.

Over 5 International Patents

patent 2.png
  • Geneva Inventions (2018) Gold Metal

  • ICT Awards (Best Start up, 2018) Merit Prize

  • ICT Awards (Lifestyle, 2018) Bronze Award

A.I. Technology

Our self developing A.I. platform helps us to design complicated antenna structure in harsh environment for 5G and other Millimeter wave applications to speed up design cycle.


We have Hong Kong first commercial Millimeter wave antenna measurement platforms. Also, we have GPU sever for our A.I. development.


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